An increased concentration of nitrogen dioxide was recorded at the site of a fire at an Ozon warehouse

Near the fire at the sorting warehouse of the Ozon online store in Istra near Moscow, an increased concentration of nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxide and styrene was found. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Ecology of the Moscow Region on Wednesday, August 3.

An increase in the concentration of nitrogen dioxide was recorded during the fire of the Ozon warehouse

– According to the results of studies under calm conditions at 15:10 on August 3 at the address of the village of Petrovskoe, house 95, increased concentrations of nitrogen dioxide of 0.4 MPC m were recorded. (maximum permissible one-time concentration of harmful substances in the atmospheric air of populated areas – note “VM”), nitrogen oxide 0.3 MPC. river, styrene 0.4 MPCm. R., the message says.

The regional ministry emphasized that a short stay in the zone of concentrations of the substance does not pose a health hazard, reports TASS.

Before that, it was reported that one of the main versions of the fire in the sorting center of the Ozon online store in Istra is arson. Other versions involve shorting electrical appliances.

The fire covered an area of ​​50 thousand square meters. Its extinguishing is carried out according to the third rank, 96 personnel and 30 pieces of equipment are involved. Aviation is used, including two Ka-32 helicopters and one Mi-8. More than 100 tons of water have already been dumped on the fire.

1,000 people were evacuated from the scene. Reported one dead and 13 injured.

Previously appeared on the web videowhich, presumably, captures the moment of the initial fire in the warehouse.

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