As part of the Healthcare national project, the Nenets District Hospital received new medical equipment

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Sterilizers designed for processing medical devices have been updated in the operating block of the surgical department. New equipment was purchased as part of the implementation of the regional project “Modernization of primary health care” of the national project “Health”. Thus, this year, within the framework of the project, the region has already received 29 pieces of equipment from the general plan – 31.

Two new sterilizers have been installed in the central sterilization department of the Nenets Regional Hospital. With the help of such equipment, nurses process medical products made of metal, plastic, glass, as well as those made of thermophobic, heat-sensitive materials and products with cavities and channels.

— The universal low-temperature plasma sterilizer allows you to quickly, safely and effectively sterilize a wide range of medical equipment, including parts of instruments that are sensitive to thermal and mechanical effects. The sterilizer can also process instruments containing narrow channels that are difficult to sterilize, for example, laparoscopic and endoscopic equipment,” explained Ekaterina Stankevich, head nurse of the Central Sterilization Department.

The new device has a touch screen, the function of warming up instruments for preparing for sterilization, an automatic system for measuring the concentration of sterilizing agent vapors in the chamber, as well as the ability to connect to the Internet for remote monitoring of equipment performance. In addition, the new device is equipped with three sterilization modes for high-quality processing.

In total, this year it is planned to purchase 31 units of medical equipment for the district’s medical institutions. By the end of the year, two more units are expected to be delivered – an endoscopic system and a rhinoscope to the otorhinolaryngological office.

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