As part of the slaughter campaign, events on veterinary and sanitary examination have started in the Nenets Autonomous District

A veterinary and sanitary examination has begun at the Izhma Reindeer Breeder and Co.

Photo: Ekaterina Esther/

The first veterinary specialist of KU NAO “SBBZh” was sent to the SPK “Izhemsky reindeer breeder and Co.” There he will conduct a veterinary and sanitary examination of meat and slaughter products for further release into the sale of products. About it informs press service of the department of internal control and supervision.

– After receiving the results of studies confirming the safety of products, slaughter products are subject to veterinary branding and registration of veterinary accompanying documents for them, – explained the specialists of the department.

Recall that from September 1, new Veterinary rules for slaughter of animals came into force. All reindeer farms in the district have been notified in advance of the new requirements. Also this year, new numbers of veterinary stamps were approved. Vetmarks NAO now start with the numbers “89”.

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