Biden welcomed the decision of the US Senate to expand NATO Russian news EN

US President Biden welcomed the decision of the Senate on the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO

President of the U.S.A Joe Biden welcomed the decision of the Senate to expand NATO. He expressed readiness to sign the documents necessary for Finland and Sweden to join the North Atlantic Alliance. RIA News.

“I look forward to signing the accession protocols and welcome Sweden and Finland, two strong democracies with extremely combat-ready armed forces, into the ranks of the greatest defensive alliance in history,” the head of the White House emphasized.

Biden called the vote in the Senate historic and expressed gratitude for the support for expanding the alliance. He added that the United States is committed to the security of the Scandinavian countries and stands ready to remain vigilant together against any threat to joint security.

Former Senate approved resolution on the ratification of the protocols on the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO. Thus, the United States was included in the list of more than 20 countries whose legislative bodies ratified the documents on the expansion of the North Atlantic Alliance.

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