Britain denied Maduro access to Venezuelan gold

high court Great Britain dismissed the president’s claim Venezuela Maduro about the return to the country of gold bars worth about two billion dollars, which are located in the underground vault of the Bank of England in London. About this with reference to Agence France-Presse (AFP) informs Barron’s edition.

Britain denied Maduro access to Venezuelan gold

The agency clarifies that Judge Sarah Cockerill ruled in favor of the opposition representative Juana Guaido “regarding the appointments to the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) made by Guaido.” According to the verdict, the decisions of the Supreme Court of Venezuela cannot be recognized by English law, including due to the fact that many judges support the current head of state.

Venezuela’s central bank is assessing the chances of an appeal, according to AFP.

The Bank of England holds €930 million worth of Venezuelan gold bars. Earlier, a London court recognized the legitimacy of Guaido’s “interim presidency” as a reason not to return them to the current Venezuelan government. Later, the Court of Appeal of England took the side of the Bank of Venezuela in the dispute, which appealed against the decision of the London court.

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