China prepares to use non-nuclear missiles near Taiwan

The People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA), as part of an exercise deployed near six areas of Taiwan, prepared to use missiles with conventional warheads to destroy mock targets. This is reported by the Chinese newspaper Huanqiu Shibao. TASS.

China prepares to use non-nuclear missiles near Taiwan

“As far as we know, the PLA will conduct long-range artillery firing and conventional missile launches in areas around Taiwan in the near future,” the publication wrote.

August 4 Chinese Armed Forces units held long-range live firing during an exercise near Taiwan. As a result of firing using long-range artillery, targets in the eastern part of the Taiwan Strait were hit.

Earlier it became known that the Chinese army started to large-scale military exercises with live firing in six water areas around Taiwan. The exercises began at 12:00 local time (07:00 Moscow time). They will last until August 7th.

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