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Global Times: China shows willingness to close Taiwan issue once and for all

The large-scale exercises of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) should be seen as a rehearsal for real combat. About it in an interview Global Times military expert Song Zhongping said.

According to him, it is likely that in the event of a military conflict, the so-called operational plans involved in the maneuvers will be applied. “Our battle plan has been brought to the attention of the US and Taiwan authorities, and we are confident enough in it to inform them of the consequences of further provocations,” the expert said. He also called the nature of the PRC exercises comprehensive and focused, adding that in this way Beijing demonstrates “its readiness to close the Taiwan issue once and for all.”

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PLA announced about the start of military exercises around Taiwan on August 2. According to the plan, they will end in four days. The maneuvers are expected to include tests of non-nuclear missiles and long-range firing in the Taiwan Strait.

This decision was made by the Chinese authorities after the visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. The country’s Foreign Ministry resolutely condemned US politician’s trip and said that her actions violated the principle of one China, as well as the provisions enshrined in the Sino-US communiqués.

The debate over Taiwan’s political status has been going on for more than seven decades. Currently, the island continues to function as an independent state, but mainland China calls its leadership separatists. Most countries do not recognize Taiwan’s independence.

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