Congratulations to the residents of the NAO on the Day of National Unity from the General Director of LUKOIL-Komi

Photo: LUKOIL-Komi press service

Dear residents of the Nenets Okrug!

I congratulate you on National Unity Day!

Centuries-old events – the feat of Minin and Pozharsky – today have an important semantic meaning: the strength of our large multinational and multimillion-strong country lies in the ability to unite for the sake of common goals, for the benefit of future generations.

We, the northerners, know that together people are able to cope with any difficulties: in difficult conditions, build cities, organize production, ensure the stable development of the region with personal contribution and participation. We are all different, but united in striving for the best.

With all my heart I wish you success in business and undertakings, good health and prosperity!


General Director of OOO LUKOIL-Komi

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