Criteria and features of choosing a cleaning company (May 14, 2022)

How to choose the right cleaning agency? What criteria should be followed in the search?

Types of cleaning companies

According to the range of services provided, all cleaning companies can be divided into three types:

  1. Companies with a standard list of services. As a rule, such companies work with a certain type of customers, for example, only with banks or only with individuals. Such performers have a narrow specialization.
  2. Companies with a wide range of services. As a rule, most of these agencies independently perform some kind of cleaning, for example, cleaning carpets, and transfer all other tasks to other companies and act as an intermediary.
  3. Full service companies. This organization is ready to offer its customers a huge range of services, it deals with both individual stages of cleaning and turnkey cleaning. When choosing cleaning specialists, it is worth giving preference to just such companies, since ordering turnkey cleaning is always more profitable in one organization than in several. Online you can see the price list and call an appraiser to the object to study the scope of work and calculate the exact cost of cleaning.

How to choose a company

When choosing cleaners, you should study the history and reputation of the company in advance. It is worth giving preference to an agency that has many years of experience and has proven itself in this market. It is especially important to responsibly approach the choice if we are talking about full-scale work.

The cost of cleaning services also includes the cost of purchasing materials, equipment, cleaning products, salaries of employees, so too low prices should alert the client.

Responsible cleaners guarantee high quality and prompt deadlines for the completion of work, so it is worth exploring whether these clauses are included in the contract. The average area per cleaner is one hundred square meters, so if a cleaning agency is trying to save on its employees and sends fewer cleaners to work than the standards require, then this should also alert the customer.

A cleaning agency must have a logo, and there are recommendations on its website.

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