Expert: 1999 may repeat in the Balkans

Serbia has enough power to respond and seriously reduce the number of Kosovo militants, while Belgrade understands that the collective West will take the side of Kosovo, the deputy chairman believes Moscow City DumaTV journalist Andrey Medvedev.

The Balkans were predicted to repeat 1999

“The Kosovo army (militants and terrorists) will definitely attack North Kosovo. Right now, when Serbia, as it seems to the West, has nowhere to get support from. The Kosovo authorities, wholly composed of field commanders, are certainly not independent, and the decision to clean up Kosovo and finally resolve the Serbian issue was not made by themselves. This is, without any doubt, a team from Washington and London,” he wrote in his Telegram-channel.

Medvedev believes that “a strike against the Serbs is also an act of intimidation not for the Serbs themselves, but for everyone who does not support sanctions today, or is trying to resist the West (I think that the next Turkey after the election). Now the Kosovo army will act as harshly as possible.”

“Serbia objectively has the strength to respond and to seriously reduce the number of Kosovo militants. But Belgrade understands that the collective West will come out on the side of Kosovo, and this will not be the Ukrainian version, with lend-lease. It will be a new 1999,” the expert writes.

At the same time, Medvedev points out that “Belgrade cannot surrender the Kosovo Serbs either – the country will explode. And so he will answer. The Albanians understand this too, and understand what the Serbs are when they started to fight in earnest.”

“Therefore, there is hope that, with all the desire to finally resolve the Serbian issue right now, and despite the fact that the moment is right, the Albanians can be restrained by ordinary fear. But I wouldn’t count on it. For the above reason, Albanians are not subjective. Senior comrades will say – they will fight. And for Washington to set fire to the Balkans now is the very thing. To finish off Europe economically,” he concluded.

Earlier it was reported that air raid sirens turned on in the northern, Serb-populated areas of Kosovo, people are building barricades on highways.

Later, the Ministry of Defense of Serbia reported that the army of the republic did not cross administrative line and did not enter the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, also called on the department not to spread misinformation.

It was reported that the authorities of the self-proclaimed Kosovo are ready from August 1 apply ban on Serbian personal documents at the entrance and start re-registration of vehicles with license plates previously issued by the Serbian leadership.

President of Serbia Alexander Vucic in an address to citizens on Sunday, he said that, according to his information, the police of the self-proclaimed Kosovo at midnight on August 1 will begin an operation in the north of the region and block the entry of citizens with personal documents issued by the Serbian authorities, as well as an action to re-register cars to the numbers of the Republic of Kosovo. Vučić urged the Kosovo Albanian authorities to maintain peace and warned that in the event of aggressive actions against the Serbs in Kosovo, “Serbia will win.”

Former Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz during a visit to Pristina urged Serbia towards “pragmatism in the process of recognizing Kosovo”, because without this the country will not be able to enter into EU.

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