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Goods from IKEA suppliers began to be sold on Yandex.Market under other brands

The Yandex.Market trading platform announced the start of sales of goods from manufacturers that supplied products to the chain of stores IKEA. The Swedish company’s suppliers sell furniture and household goods under other brands, reports “RIA News” with reference to the press service of the marketplace.

At the moment, 11 IKEA suppliers have opened sales. These included the AGF-Group company, the Askona factory, the Shuiskie sitzy plant, and the Angstrem furniture holding. Yandex.Market is also negotiating to work with other companies that previously cooperated with the Swedish network.

IKEA announced about the final withdrawal from Russia on June 15. The company announced the sale of four plants and the reduction of the scale of business in the country. Representatives of the network said they do not see the possibility of resuming sales in the foreseeable future.

At the beginning of July IKEA opened online sale of goods remaining in Russia. When going to the store’s website, the customer is invited to stand in a virtual queue and wait for the opportunity to make a purchase. The personal account is not available, the goods must be added immediately to the basket.

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