Hypertensive patients named the best position for sleeping

Patients suffering from high blood pressure are advised by doctors to take the prescribed medication regularly, adjust their lifestyle and diet, and pay attention to the quality of sleep and the position of falling asleep. This routine habit can affect circulation, writes The Mirror.

“Sleeping on the left side is considered the best sleeping position for hypertension because it lowers blood pressure on the blood vessels that return blood to the heart,” the publication says, citing data from Medicover Hospitals.

Sleeping on your side with a straight back also reduces the risk of sleep apnea, a disorder that is associated with periodic pauses in breathing. The sudden drop in blood oxygen levels during sleep apnea raises blood pressure and stresses the cardiovascular system.

Sleep can also be disturbed by back pain, so any sleeping position that puts stress on this area should be avoided. Hypertensive patients are also advised to avoid sleeping on their backs due to snoring, which most often occurs in this position, and provokes heart problems.

In addition, doctors advise those suffering from arterial hypertension not to eat salty, sweet and spicy, red meat, cheeses and sausages before going to bed, not to drink alcohol and sugary drinks.

Formerly “Expert” wrotethat the risk of stroke and other serious disruptions in the cardiovascular system reaches a maximum in the first 4-6 hours after waking up. Blood pressure rises and falls throughout the day, so during sleep it drops by 10-30%, and upon awakening it begins to rise. Uncontrolled morning hypertension may primarily indicate a problem with the type or dosage of blood pressure medications taken.

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