In Amderma, all houses are under control

At the end of September, the head of the region, Yuri Bezdudny, visited the village of Amderma on a working trip. During the trip, Amderma residents turned to the head with a request to resolve the issue of managing apartment buildings in the municipality

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At the weekly expanded meeting under the governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, a report on the execution of the order was heard.

The Head of the Administration of the Zapolyarny District, Nadezhda Mikhailova, informed that on November 1 of this year, the management company MP ZR “Severzhilkomservis” began to work.

— The municipality held competitive procedures. For other types of work that need to be carried out in the settlement, the application forms the municipality. A team of specialists is leaving for the place to inspect the housing stock and, if necessary, carry out repair work in the houses,” the head of the Zapolyarny District Administration reported.

In turn, the governor of the district, Yuri Bezdudny, stressed that the management company should be responsible for repairing the housing stock of the village.

– There were a lot of comments from the residents, there is a lot of work to be done in the near future. The management company is obliged to properly maintain apartment buildings, – Yuri Bezdudny ordered.

We add that today a team of specialists flew to Amderma to inspect the housing stock and, if necessary, carry out repairs in the houses.

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