In Russia, they proposed to introduce a tax refund for some pensioners Russian news EN

A draft law on the right to a tax refund for working pensioners will be submitted to the State Duma

Deputies from the faction LDPR and senators Ivan Abramov, Vadim Dengin and Elena Afanasyeva proposed to introduce a tax refund for working pensioners. They will introduce the corresponding bill in State Duma August 4, reported in Telegram- channel of the deputy head of the faction Yaroslav Nilov.

The explanatory note notes that it is necessary to make some changes to the second part of the Tax Code of Russia. It is proposed to establish a social tax refund in the amount of half of the personal income tax (PIT) paid during the year, but not more than 25 thousand rubles.

It is assumed that a working pensioner will submit an application at the end of the tax period and receive a refund in a non-cash form to a bank account. The authors of the amendment note that the indexation of a fixed payment to the insurance pension was canceled, which negatively affects the financial situation of citizens.

The explanatory note states that the initiative will partially compensate working pensioners for lost income as a result of legislative restrictions.

One of the sponsors of the bill Boris Paykin in conversation with TASS noted that at present every fifth pensioner, or about nine million people, works in Russia. “But it should be remembered that the average size of the Russian old-age pension today is 18,000 rubles, and this, in conditions of inflation, is not enough for a comfortable life,” the deputy concluded.

Former Speaker of the State Duma Viacheslav Volodin informedthat from August 1, a number of innovations came into force, among other things, involving an increase in pensions for working pensioners.

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