In Russian companies, wages are higher than in international ones

Sociological studies say this

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This year, when international companies began to leave the Russian market, their employees were forced to look for new jobs. Now most of them are already working and building a career in domestic organizations. In our country, applicants are ready to offer a more reliable and highly paid job. This is confirmed by the results of sociological studies.

Analysts of the service conducted a survey among 2,200 former and current employees of international companies. So, according to its results, it turned out that 78% of employees of foreign companies who had to quit have already found a new job. In addition, 51% of respondents in the new place began to earn more than the previous employer.

How informs Komsomolskaya Pravda, experts note that most foreign companies left Russia with great reluctance. They had the necessary resources and a large market.

– Departed brands tried to maintain the image of a responsible employer in the eyes of employees, gradually releasing employees and often with good compensation, which may indicate their hope for a return, – noted General Director of the All-Russian Research Institute of Labor Dmitry Platygin.

Also “Komsomolskaya Pravda” writes, citing Marina Moskvina, Managing Director of the Labor Market and Social Partnership Department of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, that unemployment is now at a historic low of 3.8%. In addition, the demand for employees remains high.

– Employees who worked in foreign companies, even if the company left the market, find employment quite easily and in many cases – with an increase in wages. In addition, in large corporations, a system of selection and training of personnel has been built for years, – noted Marina Moskvina.

She also added that such workers are in demand and can count on an increase when changing jobs.

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