In the villages of the Nenets Autonomous District, work continues on the construction of hangars for the storage of MSW

Hangars for storage of municipal solid waste for a period of 11 months were completed in Kotkino and Oksino, the construction of hangars in Telvisk and Krasnoye is in the final stage

Photo: press service of the administration of the Zapolyarny district

Nadezhda Mikhailova, Head of the Administration of the Zapolyarny District, spoke about this during the weekly operational meeting of the Governor of the NAO, Yuri Bezdudny.

“Last week we received a hangar in Oksino, at the end of the week we will receive it in Kotkino, it has already been completed. Until November 9, the construction of a hangar in Telvisk and until November 14 in Krasnoy will be completed,” said Nadezhda Mikhailova.

The area of ​​the hangar in Oksino is about 146 square meters, in Telvisk – 219 square meters, in Krasnoe – 79 square meters.

The Head of the Administration of the Zapolyarny District noted that in 2022 the budget provided funds for the construction of eleven such hangars for storing MSW in villages. All objects, except for three, are contracted. The remaining contracts are planned to be concluded before the end of 2022 with execution in 2023.

— Waste management is an acute social issue. Hangars should be in settlements so that neither rain nor snow falls on MSW. In addition, open areas also become a feeder for animals, and this is dangerous for residents,” said the Governor of the NAO, Yuri Bezdudny.

Funds for measures to equip places for 11-month accumulation of MSW in rural settlements are provided for by the municipal program of the Zapolyarny District “Development of the communal infrastructure of the Zapolyarny District municipal district for 2020-2030.” Funding for the event is provided at the expense of the district and district budgets.

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