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RTU MIREA Rector Stanislav Kudzh suggested that the Ministry of Digital Transformation mark VPN services with the sign 18+

RTU MIREA Rector Stanislav Kudzh proposed to oblige Russian app stores to mark VPN services with an 18+ mark. He sent a letter with a request to consider this initiative to the head of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development Maksut Shadayevtransmit “News”.

According to the expert, with the help of VPN services, Russian users can not only access social networks blocked in the country, but also visit sites containing destructive content, especially dangerous for children and teenagers. In this regard, Kuj asked the Ministry of Digital Development to start labeling applications for bypassing blocking with the 18+ mark as information products prohibited for children.

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The rector of RTU MIREA also proposed obliging developers of VPN services to warn users about the possibility of transferring their data to a third party, in particular, to put a note that their application “contains threats to information security.”

As Kuj emphasized, his initiative will reduce the risks of leakage of personal data of Russians, increase the level of information literacy and hygiene among users, and also protect minors from destructive and dangerous content.

Former member Federation Council Irina Rukavishnikova applied in Roskomnadzor with a request to check the security of VPN for Russians. In addition, the senator stated the need to find out whether such services comply with Russian law.

Before this member Public Chamber of Russia Nikita Danyuk warned about the dangers of VPNs. He said that with the help of services for bypassing blocking, attackers can gain access to users’ personal data.

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