Lavrov: EU and NATO form coalition for war with Russia

The European Union and NATO form a coalition for war with Russia.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated this at a press conference following talks with Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov.

As the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry recalled, when World War II began, Hitler gathered under his banner a significant part, if not most, of European countries for the war against the USSR.

“Now the same way, including the EU and NATO, they are gathering the same modern coalition to fight, and by and large the war with the Russian Federation,” RBC quotes Lavrov.

According to him, the Russian side will closely monitor the situation. At the same time, the minister added that the EU has lately “revolutionized a lot, if not mimicked”, acquiring “aggressive ideological overtones”, primarily Russophobic.

As before reported “Expert”, Lavrov warned of the risks of involving third countries in the conflict in Ukraine. According to him, this is exactly what the Kyiv regime requires from its Western patrons.

“Moreover, it requires categorically, in a businesslike way,” the minister emphasized. “Firstly, it goes beyond all limits of decency and diplomatic communication, and secondly, it is a direct provocation to involve the West in hostilities.”

At the same time, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry noted that these risks are well understood by sane European politicians.

“Not everyone, frankly, in the EU, especially in its northern part, but there are politicians who are ready to go to this madness in order to satisfy their ambitions. But serious countries in the European Union, of course, are well aware of the unacceptability of such scenarios, and it seems that we recently heard signs of reasonable assessments even from Washington, ”Lavrov concluded.

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