Mash: ex-Minister Vasilyeva was urgently hospitalized in Moscow

Former Minister of Education, current President of the Russian Academy of Education (RAO) Olga Vasilyeva was urgently hospitalized in Moscow, according to the Mash Telegram channel. According to preliminary data, she has been ill with COVID-19 for about a week.

Ex-Minister Vasilyeva was urgently hospitalized in Moscow

According to the Telegram channel, Vasilyeva was prescribed a standard treatment regimen for coronavirus. For five days, the woman fought the infection, but today, August 3, she was hospitalized in a state of moderate severity.

It is known that Vasilyeva was intravenously injected with monoclonal antibodies. She was also prescribed blood-thinning and antiviral drugs.

Information about the illness of the ex-minister was confirmed to TASS in the press service of the Russian Academy of Education. They said that Vasilyeva was on sick leave.

Earlier it became known that Anatoly Chubais is in intensive care in one of the European clinics. He was provisionally diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), a rapidly developing muscle weakness that can be caused by damage to the immune and peripheral nervous systems.

The diagnosis was later confirmed. Doctors believe that the disease is a consequence of the transferred coronavirus. Chubais had been ill with it in 2020, and had his last vaccination six months ago.

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