Microsoft adapts Windows 11 for games for Android

Microsoft has released version of Windows 11 in build 2206.40000.15.0, the main feature of which is improved support for Android games. A message about this appeared on the website of the publication Android Authority.

The Network revealed a way to run Internet Explorer on Windows 11

Although support for Android applications was present in Windows 11 from the very beginning, not all mobile programs ran on the OS for computers. Gradually, Microsoft improved this part of its OS, but for a long time bypassed games. Now the situation has changed for the better.

So, for example, in assembly 2206.40000.15.0, it became possible to program the movement of characters on the WASD keys, which by default are used exactly for the same in many computer games. The control of the camera can be transferred to the arrows. In addition, with the update, Android games running on Windows now have the ability to control characters using gamepads connected to a computer.

Prior to the release of the discussed version of Windows 11, Android games could only be controlled using the touch screen. Provided that the device running the desktop OS has it.

The update also brings several other Android-related additions and tweaks. These include improvements to content scrolling, app connectivity, and security.

Earlier, Gazeta.Ru wrote how an enthusiastic programmer launched the Internet Explorer browser on Windows 11, despite the lack of support for it by default in the OS.

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