Modernization of the largest wind farm completed in the Arctic

It is located at Cape Observation.

Photo: Waldemar Brandt/

In Chukotka, an investment project has been completed to modernize the wind farm (WPP) at Cape Observation, the largest in the Arctic zone of Russia.

– This is an important step in the development of renewable energy in the north, – said the head of the region Roman Kopin in his telegram channel. – Today, “clean” energy is an important competitive advantage for regions with developed industry.

He also noted that this year “the WPP should increase energy production up to 3 GWh per year, and this is a saving of 320 thousand cubic meters. m of gas or almost 800 tons of coal.

Kopin added that in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug the share of such energy is already about 36%. And by 2030, it will reach 70% due to the use of nuclear energy to supply energy to the largest investment project.

Recall that the construction of the wind farm is carried out by the first resident of the Chukotka ASEZ – the company Stroyinvest-Energy.

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