More than 50 NAO athletes checked the state of cardiac activity on new Holter monitoring devices

This was announced by the head of the children’s polyclinic of the Nenets district hospital Alexander Kovyazin

Photo: NAO24 archive

Recall that as part of the implementation of the regional project “Modernization of primary health care” of the national project “Health”, new modern complexes for multi-day monitoring of cardiac activity were purchased for the Department of Sports Medicine of the Nenets Regional Hospital. Cardiotechnics is intended for continuous measurement, recording of electrocardiography (ECG) and is used in the study of cardiac activity in athletes of the district as prescribed by a cardiologist, sports medicine doctor.

– Physical activity can not only improve health and functional state, but also contribute to the development of a number of diseases of the cardiovascular system. It depends on the volume, intensity of physical activity and the condition of the athlete’s body. Excessive physical activity can contribute to the development of pathological conditions and lead, for example, to myocardial overstrain, functional and morphological disorders of the cardiovascular system. Therefore, it is important to notice a violation of cardiac activity in time and take action. The device for multi-day ECG monitoring helps us with this. When studying the dynamics of electrocardiographic parameters, it is possible to trace changes in the rhythm and conduction of the heart, – said Alexander Kovyazin, head of the children’s polyclinic of the Nenets District Hospital.

The new devices are convenient and easy to use – they are light, compact and equipped with a touch screen.

The state of their cardiac activity with the help of new Holter monitoring devices during the year was checked by 54 district athletes. According to the results of monitoring, pathological conditions were revealed in seven people, professional changes in cardiac activity were revealed in 15 people.

“The image quality of the new complexes is so high that when registering three or twelve ECG leads of our choice, we can even evaluate the late potentials of the ventricles and atria,” Alexander Kovyazin added.

The complex itself consists of a wearable recorder, a communication adapter, a personal computer, a set of cables, disposable electrodes, a charger, a battery, a case and personal software that provides control and data processing. For the Department of Sports Medicine of the Nenets Regional Hospital, two devices were purchased, equipped with everything necessary.

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