More than two thousand families of the Arkhangelsk region and the Nenets Autonomous Okrug have issued an increased maternity capital

This year, 2,303 families in the Arkhangelsk region and the Nenets Autonomous Okrug received increased maternity capital, which today stands at 693,144.1 rubles. This amount is due to families in which a second or subsequent child is born or adopted from 2020, if the right to maternity capital did not arise earlier

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After the birth of a child, the Pension Fund issues a certificate in electronic form and sends it to the parent’s personal account on the PFR website and the public services portal. After that, you can apply for the disposal of funds and control their balance.

For the convenience of citizens, the PFR Branch for the Arkhangelsk Region and the Nenets Autonomous Okrug has been concluding information exchange agreements with banks and educational institutions for several years so that parents can quickly and easily use the most popular areas of the program – improving housing conditions and educating children.

Thanks to the information exchange between organizations, parents do not need to collect additional certificates. In a bank, along with a loan for the purchase or construction of housing, an application for the disposal of funds is simultaneously submitted. That is, instead of two appeals – to the bank and the Pension Fund – it is enough for the family to apply only to the bank.

If the family decided to send money to educate the child, and an agreement was concluded between the fund department and the educational institution, parents do not need to submit a copy of the contract for the provision of paid services to the FIU. All necessary information is requested by the fund independently.

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