Named a way to get a job without a military ID Russian news EN

SuperJob announced the possibility of employing an employee without a military ID

Head of Research Center SuperJob Natalia Golovanova in conversation with RIA News named the method by which an employee can be employed without providing them with a military ID. According to her, in this case, the employer is obliged to notify the military registration and enlistment office of his employment within two weeks.

“Even taking into account the formal violation of the labor code, an employer can conclude an employment contract with an employee without a military ID. In most cases, nothing terrible happens to the employer. The legitimacy of such employment is confirmed even Rostrud”, – said the expert.

She added that in this case it is necessary to find out whether the new employee is liable for military service, and then report this to the military registration and enlistment office no later than two weeks after the employee’s employment, specifying that for one reason or another he did not provide a military ID. Golovanova notes that in case of failure to notify the military registration and enlistment office, a fine ranging from one to five thousand rubles is due.

Previously became knownthat in Russia this summer the demand for new employees decreased by 15 percent (or 300 thousand people), to 1.8 million. According to Bank of Russiathe downward trend may continue in the coming months.

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