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Political scientist Ordukhanyan allowed Pelosi to be re-elected after a visit to Taiwan

The visit of Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan will certainly affect her ratings in the US, causing a certain surge in the positive direction, says Americanist, Doctor of Political Science Rafael Ordukhanyan. The specialist spoke about the consequences of a visit to the island for a politician in a conversation with

Pelosi’s political future

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan will help her get re-elected in November to the same post, the Americanist admitted.

I think Pelosi has made up her mind to get re-elected, to stay at the head of Congress. The only thing that is unknown is whether she will be the leader of the minority or the leader of the majority.

Rafael OrdukhanyanAmericanist

“But in both cases, she will influence the decision of the Congressional committee to investigate the corruption and machinations of her family, so in this case I admit that Nancy Pelosi did it only to protect her family,” said Ordukhanyan.

White House attitude

According to the political scientist, the White House realized that Pelosi’s trip had a positive effect on public opinion – in English-speaking countries they received it with enthusiasm. “Moreover, in a recent statement, the White House said that [президент США Джо] Biden respects Pelosi’s decision to visit Taiwan, he states that this is not a violation of sovereignty, ”said the Americanist.

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Beyond the American Agenda

If we abstract from the American agenda, Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is, of course, a colossal damage to the image and influence of the United States in the Pacific region, Ordukhanyan is convinced.

They have earned themselves a real enemy. In the Chinese press, of course, there are now quite harsh statements about America, so this was a very short-sighted step.

Rafael OrdukhanyanAmericanist

Pelosi’s visit

Nancy Pelosi’s plane landed in Taiwan on Tuesday, August 2, despite the fact that the day before, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian handed over a final warning to the speaker, saying that if her visit were to take place, the Chinese military “won’t sit idly by.”

Pelosi explained arrival of the delegation US Congress to Taiwan with a desire to make it clear that Washington will not abandon its commitment to supporting the island. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China declaredthat the US would face severe countermeasures in connection with her trip.

On the day of the American speaker’s plane landing China began major exercises and closed air traffic around Taiwan until August 7th.

Former US President Donald Trump criticized Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, calling her “crazy” and adding that the politician’s actions do not end in anything good.

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