Named the most fashionable haircut for the fall of 2022

The Symbol: The cropped bob was named the most fashionable haircut for the fall of 2022

The editors of The Symbol magazine named the most fashionable haircut for the fall of 2022. The relevant material appeared on website editions.

We are talking about a shortened bean – one of the varieties of the classic bean, which is characterized by an even cut of one length. It is noted that this haircut could be seen on models in the autumn-winter fashion shows of such luxury brands as Givenchy, Coperni and Versace.

According to experts, this haircut corrects the oval of the face, helps to hide skin imperfections and visually stretches a round face. In addition, experts added that a shortened bob looks good not only on straight hair, but also on wavy ones. At the same time, owners of curly curls can add asymmetry to the strands for more volume.

In conclusion, the authors of the material explained that the mentioned hairstyle does not require special care: for styling, you can use a hairdryer and a tool to add volume at the roots.

In July fashion editors of Glamor magazine and hairdresser Tina Fairey called another fashionable hairstyle that also does not require styling. In their opinion, the so-called Scandinavian bean has gained relevance this season. “The main thing in this haircut is the volume that can be achieved with the help of products for the root zone. Just apply mousse and dry your hair with a hairdryer, ”the expert said.

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