NASA to launch lunar rocket on August 29

NASA is considering August 29 as the main date for the launch of the Space Launch System launch vehicle with the Orion spacecraft to the Moon as part of the Artemis 1 mission, said agency spokesman and program manager Mike Sarafin. His words leads Interfax.

NASA to launch lunar rocket on August 29

Sarafin noted that NASA had already reserved the Eastern Test Site for August 29. At the same time, according to him, if the rocket fails to be launched on the scheduled date, then the next launch windows will open on September 2 and 5.

The rocket with the ship will be delivered to the site on August 18, then it will be pre-launched and its tanks will be filled with fuel, NASA spokeswoman Charlie Blackwell-Thompson added.

The spacecraft will launch from Complex 39B at the Kennedy Center in Florida.

Recall that the plans to launch Orion to the Moon became known last year. The dates have changed several times. In particular, it was first planned to launch the spacecraft in February, then in May-July, and later in August. As part of the mission, Orion will stay in orbit of the Moon for several weeks, and then return to Earth, its descent capsule will splash down in the Atlantic. Accordingly, when a rocket is launched on August 29, this will happen on October 10.

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