Novosibirsk plant “Oxid” has developed a remote biometric access system – ExpertRU

Specialists of the Novosibirsk plant Oxid, which is part of Roselectronics (state corporation Rostec), have developed a remote access system based on human biometric parameters, which allows using a smartphone as an electronic key and remotely control locks, barriers and integrated security systems.

“The new development has great potential for use in infrastructure projects. The system is resistant to attacks and unauthorized connections. We used iris-reading technology to identify a person. Opening the locks is also possible through the fingerprint access function. The solution is capable of simultaneously servicing more than 250 connected locks, barriers and other integrated access control systems at a distance of up to 500 m.

Controlled via a smartphone application, the system consists of an electronic control unit, an Internet gateway and a lock that receives a signal through a secure LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) communication channel. It is clarified that LoRaWAN technology allows you to create energy-efficient long-range Internet of Things networks. Unlike sensors for Wi-Fi and 4G networks, LoRaWAN devices are less power-consuming.

According to Andrei Chendarov, Deputy General Director for Technological Development of the United Instrument-Making Corporation (the managing organization of the Roselectronics holding), the solution based on its own software and a Russian microcontroller makes it possible to ensure reliable security management of any facilities. “The use of domestic solutions guarantees the information security of the system. Serial production of the equipment is planned to start at the end of 2022. The cost of the kit will be from 25 thousand rubles,” said Chendarov.

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