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Dietitian Dianova advised cheese, nuts, fruits and vegetables as a snack at work

Gastroenterologist, nutritionist Nuria Dianova in conversation with named foods that are the most useful for a snack at work. According to her, these are cottage cheese, cheese, nuts, fresh vegetables and fruits.

“For those who have a refrigerator at work, a number of healthy snacks are tied to refrigeration storage. Five percent cottage cheese is tied here. The norm for women is from 50 to 70 grams, that is, small packs are suitable. Men can safely 100-130 grams. Pieces of cheese. Women preferably 20-30 grams, and men – up to 50 grams. This is only part of the snack, which is stored in the refrigerator, ”said the specialist.

She also noted that for the storage of products such as nuts, it is not necessary to observe a certain temperature regime. The doctor emphasized that any nuts can be consumed, with the exception of peanuts, because they can cause stomach pains. However, she advised not to eat too many nuts.

In addition, Dianova recommended eating foods with fiber, for example, taking fresh fruits and vegetables to work. The best drink for a snack is tea, but you should not drink it in large quantities, the nutritionist concluded.

Formerly MD, Dietitian Mariyat Mukhina named a way to reduce dependence on salt.

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