Ozon sellers reported problems with compensation for goods burned in the warehouse: Russia:

Ozon sellers have trouble receiving compensation due to warehouse fire

The Ozon marketplace has not yet informed entrepreneurs about the possibility of receiving compensation for a warehouse burned out in a fire in Moscow region product. This was told to a correspondent by entrepreneurs who worked with the site. They noted that problems with obtaining compensation for damage to goods arose before.

The issue of compensation

Sellers who work with online retailer Ozon and customers who have lost their purchases as a result of a fire at a warehouse in the Moscow region will receive compensation or a refund for lost goods. About it informed company press office. However, practice shows that Ozon is reluctant to pay compensation, says Sergey, an entrepreneur who sells coffee through the marketplace.

“About a couple of months ago, in order to save money, Ozon stopped packaging the goods, shifting it onto the shoulders of the sellers and not explaining what to do with the goods that are already in warehouses and, for example, like me, in very large quantities. After this innovation, messages began to come that the goods were damaged. And instead of compensation, please pay us 70 rubles for the disposal of each unit of goods. In short, the responsibility for the safety of the goods was shifted onto the shoulders of the sellers. It is very difficult to achieve a review and compensation for the goods, they are reluctant to contact immediately, it takes about a month, ”the entrepreneur said.

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New rules

Telegram channel Base said that after the fire in the warehouse, a section on the protection of goods was added to the contract. According to him, sellers can demand compensation from the company for products damaged during storage in the warehouse. At the same time, the service can be issued only from August 4. This was confirmed by the interlocutor of

“Before, it slipped between the lines of the contract, like, if we are to blame, then we will compensate. But they never turned out to be to blame if you don’t start a showdown, ”Sergei explained.

According to the entrepreneur, not so long ago, Ozon introduced an innovation, according to which the company independently decided which warehouse to place the goods in. Because of this, it is now unknown exactly how much goods Sergey lost as a result of the incident.

We plan to wait for information about compensation and the rules for receiving it from Ozon, and then proceed based on it


“There have been problems before”

Another businessman, who wished not to advertise his name, also said that he had not received information from the company about compensation. “We are planning to write to technical support so that there is an understanding of what is happening with the product. We will look further. If they start to crawl and disagree, then we will file a lawsuit for damage and destruction of the goods, ”he said.

He had had problems with Ozon because of the storage of goods in the warehouse before. The interlocutor said that he suffered losses due to incorrect acceptance by the marketplace for about 300 thousand rubles.

Fire in the warehouse of the online store Ozon in the suburbs has begun Wednesday afternoon, August 3rd. More than a thousand people were evacuated from the building. The roof of the building collapsed, as well as part of the wall. perished at least one person. Governor of the Moscow Region Andrey Vorobyov declaredthat the building is no longer salvageable. Arson considered as the main version of what happened.

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