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Coastal missile systems (BRK) “Bastion” will cover the Leningrad naval base (LenVMB). Complexes will enhance protection Petersburg from the sea. About it report Izvestia, citing sources in Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Petersburg will be covered with

Onyx missiles of the Bastion complex can hit targets at a distance of up to 600 kilometers. This allows coastal troops to control the entire region. You can direct missiles from the air, submarines or ships. It is noted that strengthening the protection of St. Petersburg becomes relevant against the backdrop of Finland’s decision to enter NATO.

“Bastion” in its modern modification is a multi-purpose tool, it can be used both for coastal defense and for strikes against ground targets at a considerable range, “said the director of the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies NRU HSE Vasily Kashin.

The publication notes that the coastal missile forces used “Bastions” in Syria to destroy headquarters, communication centers and airfields. The sources also recalled that last year the LenVMB included the Ball missile defense system with Kh-35 low-profile high-precision cruise missiles.

In May, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated on the destruction of Ukrainian helicopters at the jump site in the Odessa region with Onyx missiles of the Bastion complex.

In February, a military expert Yuri Knutov informedthat the Bastion complex can hit almost all modern ships. Russia has created a system of “no-access zones” with the Bal and Bastion DBKs, as well as the Iskander and S-400 complexes.

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