Pretext named for Pelosi plane’s attempt to land in Taiwan

Aircraft carrying the Speaker of the House of Representatives US Congress Nancy Pelosi may try to land in Taiwan under the guise of a technical problem or need to refuel. About it informs edition of the Global Times.

There is a possibility that Pelosi will take such a risk, after which “Chinese military patrols, radars, as well as forces participating in the exercises should be on high alert in the coming days,” the publication notes.

At the same time, it is emphasized that if real problems arise during its flight near the PRC, the People’s Liberation Army of this country will provide assistance. So, it is possible to land at the airport in Sansha, Hainan Province in the South China Sea or in other air harbors in mainland China, Global Times points out. The main condition is that the speaker’s plane must stay away from Chinese Taiwan, the newspaper notes.

Earlier it became known that the board of the United States Air Force (Air Force) Boeing C-40C with registration number 09-0540 from Pelosi began to follow to Taiwan. The plane took off July 30 from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland and headed for the Pacific Ocean.

Pelosi’s tour of Southeast Asia began last Friday. She is expected to visit Japan, Singapore and South Korea. Attention to her trip was drawn by her possible visit to Taiwan.

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