Residents of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug can use services for donors on the State Services portal

Soon the service will allow you to sign up for blood donation remotely

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Information about blood donation is available in the “Health” section of the portal. This was reported in the Department of Digital Development of the NAO.

“Citizens who donate blood will be able to see the history of donations made on the portal, find out the results of blood tests for each of them, download a certificate for registering a paid day of rest,” the relevant department said. – It also displays the donor code, blood type, Rh factor, kell affiliation, phenotype and planned, committed donations. If the patient has already donated blood, but donations are not displayed, it is necessary to contact the blood service.

In addition, the service automatically fills in data about what exactly the patient donates – whole blood and its cells or blood plasma. This allows you to track the number of donations and see when you can get the title of “Honorary Donor of Russia”.

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