Russians rushed to buy Ivan tea after Putin’s words

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statement that Ivan tea is healthier than foreign Coca-Cola has dramatically increased demand for the traditional Russian drink. This was announced by Oksana Cherkashina, the founder of the brand Ivan-tea “Merchant”.

“For a week, a batch of her goods at Wildberries worth 1 million rubles was “swept away”, ”the Forbes telegram channel quotes Cherkashina as saying. Ideas for business”.

Also CEO Ilya Puyda said that sales of the Floris brand increased by 15-20%.

Earlier, Putin announced the need to develop the production of Ivan-tea. The head of state noted that it is more useful than Coca-Cola. He promised to instruct the head of the Ministry of Agriculture to develop the industry for the production of willow-tea for further consumption. In the Tyumen region, the authorities expressed their readiness to allocate 16,000 hectares of land for growing Ivan tea.

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