Russians warned about a new type of telephone fraud

During the summer holidays, telephone scammers became more active, using a new type of deception of citizens. Distinguished Lawyer Russia Ivan Solovyov.

Russians warned about a new type of telephone fraud

“The call comes from a telephone number with the Moscow region code – 495. When you pick up the phone, a person hears the characteristic sound of a voice assistant, which reports that the bank has received an application to change the client’s phone number,” the expert explained.

According to Ivan Solovyov, Russians are asked to press one if “yes”, and two if “no”, or wait for the operator’s response. The lawyer advised not to enter any codes from SMS and stop talking with scammers. Their goal is money placed on the accounts of citizens, writes RT.

Earlier it was reported that the expert told how to deal with scammers. It turned out that those who are absolutely unpromising are the least likely to be attacked, and sometimes they stop altogether: they don’t answer at all, are deliberately asocial, don’t make contact, are rude or troll.

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