Sferum launched a project on psychological support for teachers

The project participants will get acquainted with internal supports, learn what psychological flexibility is, how to relieve tension and in a situation of uncertainty find the answer to the question “What to do next?”

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On the Sferum platform, the work of the workshop for psychological support of teachers “To Myself” has started. The project is being implemented jointly with the online resource for psychological support for educators “Variant”. About it informs press service of the Ministry of Education of Russia.

The project includes a series of lectures, master classes and individual consultations with psychologist Inna Yartseva.

– How to maintain inner peace when there are many sources of stress around? There is no universal advice, we are all very different. But it is absolutely important to rely on understanding of what is happening, honest emotions and your values ​​- personal and professional, in order to cope with the consequences of change. These three pillars can keep our balance, explains the workshop psychologist.

Participation in the program will help educators identify important milestones in personal and professional development, update the system of values, and draw up algorithms for action in various situations. The project will also help find points of support and work out methods of psychological support and work with schoolchildren.

Classes will last until December 24th.

More information about the project can be found by clicking on link.

Recall that Sferum is part of the digital educational environment, which is being created by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Digital Development in accordance with the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation in order to implement the national project Education. The platform was developed and launched by a joint venture between Group and PJSC Rostelecom Digital Education. The platform was launched on March 31, 2021.

Today, the audience of the Sferum platform is more than 3.5 million users across the country.

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