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Siemens spokesman accuses Russia of lying about sanctions on Nord Stream turbine

Representative Siemens Energy didn’t see anything new in the latest list of reasons why Gazprom cannot accept a turbine for Nord Stream from Germany. In a commentary to RBC, he indicatedthat there are no obstacles to its installation.

“Every day there are some new reasons why the turbine allegedly cannot be accepted,” he explained, adding that he could not provide any new information.

According to him, in European Union there are no sanctions against this turbine, all such accusations or allusions are lies. If Russia wanted to get the unit, it would simply take it away, and not invent new accusations against suppliers.

So the Siemens representative commented Gazprom’s statement that the supply of a turbine for Nord Stream is impossible due to the sanctions of the European Union, Great Britain and Canada. The Russian company also indicated that the current situation does not comply with the current contractual obligations on the part of the supplier, without explaining what he means.

Former press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov declaredthat the delivery of the turbine is not possible until guarantees are given that it will not fall under sanctions, and the UK does not turn it off remotely. The Kremlin spokesman did not specify how the UK could interfere with the operation of a turbine manufactured by a German company that is serviced in Canada.

Deputy official representative of the German Cabinet of Ministers Wolfgang Buchner, in response to Peskov’s words, recalled that European sanctions do not apply to the supply of turbines for Nord Stream. In this regard, the document that Russia demands is “not needed by definition”, this is an obligation not to use non-existent sanctions.

In Europe, they believe that the situation with the unit, as well as with a sharp reduction in Russian gas supplies via Nord Stream, indicates Russia’s intention to completely stop gas supplies to the EU in order to force countries to change their position on Ukraine. In this regard, the leadership of the association is developing an action plan that allows pass the winter period without deliveries from Russia.

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