Since the beginning of the year, about 30 units of new equipment have been delivered to the medical institutions of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug

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A large-scale renewal of the material and technical base of medical organizations in the region became possible thanks to the federal project “Modernization of the primary health care of the Russian Federation” of the national project “Health”. This was not discussed at the weekly operational meeting of the governor of the NAO, Yuri Bezdudny.

— This year we actively promoted the modernization of primary health care. Behind this complex definition is new equipment,” the head of the region said, emphasizing that modern equipment of medical organizations directly affects the quality of medical care for residents of the NAO.

As Elena Levina, head of the Department of Health, Labor and Social Protection of the Population, explained, within the framework of the federal project to modernize primary health care for medical institutions of the Nenets Autonomous District, the missing medical equipment is purchased and the existing one is updated due to wear and tear. Since the beginning of the year, 29 units of medical equipment have been purchased. By the end of the year, the region will receive 2 more units. A large-scale modernization project is designed to ensure the availability and quality of primary health care by strengthening the material and technical base in medical institutions.

“Patients will receive medical services on new equipment, the terms of services will be reduced, thus, the availability of medical care will increase,” said Elena Levina.

A new digital X-ray machine has been purchased for the inpatient departments of the Nenets Regional Hospital, and specialists use it to examine patients with osteoarticular pathology. In the operating block of the surgical department, two modern sterilizers for processing medical devices are installed, the new equipment allows processing medical products not only from metal, plastic, glass, but also made from thermophobic, heat-sensitive materials and products with cavities and channels. In the orthopedic-traumatology operating room, surgical lamps were updated as part of the project. Thanks to them, the operating room is equipped with high-quality light, which makes it possible to distinguish the smallest details and shades of tissues and organs during surgical operations. Also, as part of the project, new multifunctional beds were purchased for the intensive care unit and nine bedside cardiology monitors for the therapeutic unit. New equipment for monitoring fetal heart activity and a gynecological chair were installed in the antenatal clinic, and automatic blood gas analyzers were updated in the laboratory of the Nenets Regional Hospital.

For the Central District Polyclinic of the Zapolyarny District, a new ophthalmic tonometer was purchased this year as part of the project, as well as an ultrasound diagnostic device for the office of an obstetrician-gynecologist.

By the end of the year, the Nenets Regional Hospital will receive two more specialized devices – an endoscopic system and a rhinoscope for the otorhinolaryngological room.

In total, more than 80 million rubles are provided for the modernization of the primary health care of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug in 2022. Funding is provided from the federal and district budgets.

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