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The Verge: you can return the Internet Explorer browser to Windows 11 through the settings

Internet users have found a way to return the outdated Internet Explorer browser to the current version of Windows. About it informs edition of The Verge.

According to journalists, Internet Explorer is considered one of the most popular browsers despite the fact that Microsoft declared the program obsolete. As such, you cannot use the app on Windows 11. The authors referred to the user Twitter under the nickname XenoPanther, who told how to open IE through the settings of the current OS version from Microsoft.

To launch the browser, you need to open the Start menu and type in the search query Internet Options. In the window that opens, you need to go to the “Programs” tab, click on the “Manage add-ons” button, and then – “Learn more about toolbars and extensions.”

“For some reason, this method launches Internet Explorer, bypassing the commands that force you to go to Edge. The browser works exactly the way you expect,” media journalists noted. Experts stressed that in this case, Internet Explorer allows you to comfortably visit sites without pop-up notifications that the browser needs to be updated.

Microsoft announced about the shutdown of Internet Explorer on June 15th. As noted in the company, the program can no longer be found on Windows 11, the base browser is Microsoft Edge.

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