SpaceX launches $250 Starlink backpack

SpaceX not only carries out successful rocket launches and provides satellite Internet services, but also makes money from smaller segments of the space-related business. In particular, information appeared on the Web about the release by SpaceX of backpacks for $ 250, designed primarily for carrying Starlink satellite dishes and related equipment.

SpaceX introduced a backpack for the Starlink kit

Starlink Travel Case is already available for purchase in the official Starlink store (purchase option available to some users). The Starlink Travel Case backpack will allow you to safely carry the entire Starlink kit with you while traveling, for this the model received a hard case. The backpack is also equipped with shoulder straps and carrying handles. Some users saw references to the Tesla Cybertruck electric car in the design of the backpack.

The new backpack contains: the base for mounting, the plate itself and cables for connection. The weight of the backpack is 4.5 kilograms.

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