State Duma deputy Sergei Kotkin met with Yunarmiya members in Naryan-Mar

The meeting was dedicated to the National Unity Day

Photo: Alexandra Kustysheva/

The activists of the regional branch of the Yunarmiya movement, headed by its leader Danila Khmarenko, discussed significant historical events in the past of our country, the current situation with the parliamentarian. Yunarmiya members told Sergey Kotkin about their work

“I have been in the Yunarmiya since elementary school and have never regretted it,” says Sergei Kharin, a student at the Nenets Vocational School. – The popularity of our movement is growing today – more and more new guys come to us. And I consider such events as today very important. To get acquainted with people who can share their experience with us, tell a lot of informative and interesting things – this is what young people need.

Photo: Alexandra Kustysheva/

Much attention during the conversation was paid to the need for patriotic education of the younger generation.

– You continue to live and decide the fate of Russia. The future of the state belongs to the youth. The most important thing is to study, without education and knowledge you will not achieve anything. The experience of fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers will always be an assistant and guide for you on the path of life, – the deputy admonished the youth.

Photo: Alexandra Kustysheva/

In addition, Sergey Kotkin told the Yunarmiya members about the legislative process in the State Duma and answered questions from those present. In particular, young people were interested in the deputy’s military experience.

At the end of the event, Sergei Kotkin presented Danila Khmarenko, head of the Yunarmiya regional branch, with a letter of thanks from a State Duma deputy for his active life position, support and development of the movement, as well as his personal contribution to the patriotic education of young people.

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