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The Swedish TV channel SVT apologized for the “wrong” report about the inhabitants of Kherson

The Swedish television channel SVT apologized to the audience for the “wrong” report about Ukraine, in which residents Kherson cried with joy, having received a passport of a citizen of Russia, transmits Dagens Media.

Journalists learned about the scandal caused by the plot, which the audience considered “breathing Russian propaganda”. In the episode of the program “Reportazh”, which was shown on July 28, the residents of Kherson wept with joy after receiving a Russian passport and swore allegiance to the Russian Federation to the sound of the national anthem.

After that, the authors of the video received numerous complaints. By Tuesday, August 2, the Radio and Television Supervisory Board received a total of 47 complaints about the TV channel. In response, the broadcaster clarified that it used footage taken by Reuters.

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“These shots were filmed by a Reuters film crew. According to them, the correspondents worked freely and filmed whatever they wanted – without strict control by the Russian military, ”the management noted. The TV channel added that “it was necessary to give viewers more context.”

The first inhabitants of Kherson got Russian passports on 11 June.

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