Taipei talks about Pelosi hurting Taiwan

Taiwanese politicians and business leaders have expressed concern over the visit of Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to the island, writes Huanqiu shibao.

Taipei talks about Pelosi hurting Taiwan

As businessmen and executives said, the result of Pelosi’s visit to the island could be a declaration of “economic war” by Beijing on Taipei.

Taiwan New Party Chairman Wu Chengdian criticized Pelosi for “harming Taiwan” and business officials warned that Americans should not use Taiwan as a pawn.

Pelosi arrived in Taipei on the evening of August 2. Moscow considered the visit was a clear provocation of China by the United States. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China declaredthat the US will face serious countermeasures due to Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan.

Pelosi spoke with a proposal to expand inter-parliamentary ties with Taiwan.

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