Taiwan Defense Ministry vows to respond to PLA exercises after Pelosi’s visit

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense has vowed to respond “in a timely manner” and “appropriately” to live-fire exercises that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) plans to conduct around the island from Aug. 4 to 7. This is stated in the message on the official website of the ministry.

Taiwan Defense Ministry vows to respond to Chinese exercises

A photo: Alina Dzhus/Gazeta.RuAlina Dzhus/Gazeta.Ru

“The Ministry of National Defense is closely monitoring its combat readiness and has strengthened it, and will respond appropriately in a timely manner. The national army will definitely remain at their posts and protect national security, ”the military department of the Republic of China said in a statement.

“Please don’t be shy and support the national army with all your heart,” the military urged the inhabitants of the island.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense estimates that by announcing the exercise, China has confirmed that it intends to use force to resolve differences and undermine regional peace and stability.

“Using the sea and air space around Taiwan’s main island as a war zone is an attempt to threaten our important ports and urban areas and unilaterally undermine regional peace and stability. The Department of Defense expresses its solemn condemnation,” the statement said.

Earlier, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan “a farce from start to finish.”

“For those who play with fire, it will end badly, those who commit crimes will definitely be punished,” Wang Yi said.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Russia supports the “one China” policy and that Beijing is aware of this.

He called Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan a pure provocation.

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