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SpaceX launches $250 backpack to carry Starlink mobile terminals

SpaceX started selling backpacks for carrying Starlink mobile terminals. The shown model is available in online store corporations.

The Starlink Travel Case backpack has a rectangular shape, a frame made of durable material, a rigid back, adjustable straps for transportation. According to company representatives, the device was released so that service subscribers could transfer the terminal and other Starlink accessories from one location to another.

SpaceX explained that the backpack will fit the terminal, router, and all the wires needed to connect. Such an accessory can be useful for those who often move from place to place and carry the mobile terminal with them. The cost of Starlink Travel Case is $250 or about 15 thousand rubles.

Apparently, the backpack was created for Starlink consumers who have subscribed to the mobile access service. This option appeared in May, it allows you to access satellite Internet without being tied to a specific address. The cost of the service is $25 per month.

In July SpaceX launched Starlink satellite Internet service provided on water transport. The cost of a special terminal for gaining access is $10,000, and a monthly subscription is $5,000.

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