Ten countries wanted to become members of the SCO

Ten countries want to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). How informs Izvestiya newspaper, two unnamed high-ranking sources told about this – they noted that the list included the United Arab Emirates, Syria and Qatar.

Ten countries wanted to become members of the SCO

It is emphasized that the United Arab Emirates asked to be given the status of a coalition member bypassing bureaucratic procedures – the provision on the admission of new states provides that the applicant must first become a dialogue partner or observer, and only then join the union. This issue will have to be considered at the summit in Samarkand in mid-September.

Myanmar, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia and Nepal also became interested in joining the SCO. Also at the summit in Uzbekistan, members want to grant observer status to Azerbaijan and Armenia. In addition, at the same congress, members plan to launch the procedure for Belarus to join the organization.

The authorities of Uzbekistan plan to invite most of the representatives of interested countries to the congress. At the same time, the sources of the publication emphasized that, most likely, it will not be possible to gather everyone from the SCO at once.

As the orientalist Boris Dolgov emphasized, the Arab countries saw in the organization an economic alternative to the Western political union. He noted that in the light of the events of recent years, Western partners have shown themselves to be unreliable, which is why they began to reach out to the SCO. Separately, he recalled that none of these countries began to join the anti-Russian sanctions.

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