The actions of the West in Ukraine and Taiwan were called “flirting with the disaster” Russian news EN

Guardian: Western policy towards Ukraine and Taiwan increases the risk of global war

The policy currently pursued by Western countries with respect to both Ukraine and Taiwan increases the risk of starting a global war with the use of nuclear weapons, writes newspaper The Guardian. The author of the article calls the actions of the West “flirting with the disaster.”

The publication emphasizes that the United States and its allies adhere to a policy of “strategic ambiguity”, while declaring their readiness to provide military assistance to Taiwan if necessary, while adhering to the “one China” principle. The same situation with Ukraine: Washington and London emphasize the need for support Kyiv to Moscow failed, while completely ignoring the fact that their actions lead to a stronger reaction from Russia.

“The fates of Ukraine and Taiwan deserve all the diplomatic support, but they cannot be allowed to start a global war or a nuclear catastrophe. At present, liberal democracy certainly has a duty to humanity to prevent, not provoke, this risk. Both sides are now flirting with disaster. The West must be ready to back down and not call it a defeat,” the article says.

Previously Vice Chairman Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev declaredthat the visit of the Speaker of the House of Representatives US Congress Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan is reminiscent of the Maidan trip in 2014 Victoria Nulandwho was then Assistant Secretary of State for the United States.

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