The best restaurants and cafes in Suzdal (June 23, 2022)

At the same time, the city has restaurants of Mediterranean and European cuisine that meet the most modern standards. The most attractive gastronomic establishments in Suzdal include the following:

Family restaurant “Russian Compound in Suzdal” This is one of the most prestigious establishments in Suzdal. It offers classic Russian cuisine including traditional fish soup, pickles and hearty pies. For lovers of low-calorie dishes, salads from seasonal vegetables are prepared. You can also find rare delicacies, sturgeon dishes and pancakes with caviar in the restaurant’s menu. In addition, visitors can try mead, which is considered one of the main traditional drinks in the city.

Uley restaurant. It is interesting for lovers of home cooking. In addition to the order, visitors are sure to be offered a variety of delicious pickles.

Balsamikov Yard Restaurant. It is located in a beautiful historical building and is perfect for those who want to enjoy Russian cuisine. At the same time, the restaurant’s menu includes a large number of popular international dishes. Visitors are also offered a rich selection of drinks.

Restaurant “Pogrebok”. It is located in the very center of Suzdal and is considered a local landmark. No more than fifty visitors can be in the hall of this institution at the same time. In such a calm and cozy atmosphere, they are offered author’s dishes and food prepared according to old Russian recipes. Although the popularity of the Pogrebok restaurant is very high, the price level in it is quite affordable for most people.

Restaurant “Pushkar”. This establishment is located in a beautiful historic building and is perfect for a romantic dinner. The restaurant’s menu includes dishes of Mediterranean, European and Russian cuisines. In addition to an extensive selection of dishes, guests are pleased with the exquisite interior design.

Restaurant “Baker’s Nest”. This original establishment invites guests to taste Russian cuisine and enjoy homemade pastries. It is distinguished by the fact that even bread is baked here on their own. Fans of meat food are waiting for signature dishes grilled on the grill. An important role is played by the relaxed atmosphere in this cozy restaurant.

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