The candidate for the premier of Britain promised to strengthen sanctions against Russia during the election Russian news EN

British Prime Minister Candidate Sunak Vows to Tighten Sanctions Against Russia After Election

Candidate for British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak promised to strengthen sanctions against Russia if he is elected to this post. This is reported TASS.

“We need to do two things: on the one hand, to strengthen Ukraine, and on the other hand, to weaken Russia,” he said during a meeting with members Conservative Party in Cardiff.

Sunak indicated that, as finance minister, he was able to find two billion pounds of budgetary funds for military and economic assistance. Kyiv.

According to the candidate for premier, “strike” against Russia is delivered not by direct military supplies or diplomatic efforts, but by sanctions. The politician added that, together with the finance ministers of European and US countries, he approved the introduction of strict restrictions against Moscow and is ready to continue this policy as head of the British government.

Formerly Sunak promised in case of victory in the elections, work on the introduction of “smart sanctions” against Moscow, which imply the establishment of a price ceiling for Russian energy resources.

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