The Chinese army began military exercises near Taiwan Russian news EN

Chinese army begins live-fire exercise off Taiwan

The People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) has begun combat exercises off the coast of the eastern province of Fujian, which is located across the strait from the island of Taiwan. This is stated in a publication on site Pingtan City Maritime Security Administration.

According to the warning of the department, from 8:00 to 21:00 local time, exercises of warships with live firing will be held in the area. In this regard, all ships were banned from entering the water area.

In addition, since July 29, the Chinese army has been conducting exercises in the western part of the Qiongzhou Strait, which separates the southern province of Guangdong from Hainan Island.

Former PLA military unit published in social networks, a message in which he called for preparing for war. Later, in the comments to the publication, representatives of the 80th Army clarified that the message was timed to coincide with the 95th anniversary of the creation of the PLA.

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